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"Developing your creative potentials for learning, growing and healing" ..... The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy strives to become a centre of excellence in Penang, making creative arts therapy widely available, accessible and affordable for all!....








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What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Creative Arts Therapy (CAT) is the intentional use of the various art forms and its inherent creative processes for healing, learning and personal growth. It is through the use of our imaginative and creative expressions that feelings, sensations, thoughts and actions become available for exploration and provide accompanying insights and understanding, which then acts as a catalyst for new learning, change and transformation.

Creative Arts Therapy utilises a variety of creative and aesthetic processes from the visual arts, dramatic and performing arts, music, dance/movement, as well as story making, puppetry, creative writing etc. This is further informed and supported by the integration of techniques from action orientated and humanistic counseling and psychotherapy e.g. gestalt, psychodrama, psychosynthesis, family therapy, narrative therapy, etc. Practitioners may include and offer role-play, small world play, sand tray, paints, drawing, play dough, music, movement, and puppets etc. in their interventions with individuals, couples, families and groups.

Creative processes are helpful in accessing emotions and experiences in a more multi-sensory way than through verbal communication alone thus may clarify issues from a different perspective as well as providing creative representation that can communicate the core subtleties of an experience that words cannot adequately express.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Creative Arts Therapy is appropriate for anyone who is interested in deeper self-awareness and personal growth, without any previous arts experience as a pre-requisite. It is helpful for any age group and for a wide range of situations, including mental health, learning difficulties, intellectual disability, emotional and behavioural issues in children and adolescence, chronic illness, dementia, social and family relationships, grief and loss, anxiety, anger and depression, addictions, acute and post traumatic stress disorders as an example of some of the areas where it has been found to be useful. It is also beneficial for those who wish to access their intuitive, creative selves as well as those in the helping profession requiring professional development, supervision or self-care.


What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Community and NGOs Centres
General Hospitals
Outpatient Clinics and Day Hospitals
Psychiatric Units/Hospitals
Children Homes
Halfway Houses and Hostels
Elderly and Nursing Care Homes,
Schools and educational institutions
Hospices and Palliative Care
Adult Treatment Centres
Prisons and correctional facilities
Community intervention programmes
Outreach programmes
Rehabilitative facilities
Human Resource Departments
Occupational Health Departments

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