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A Brief Background to the Centre of Creative Arts Therapy


Play Therapy began in BOLD in 2003 when Ms. Leong Min See returned from UK as a fully qualified and certified Play Therapist following her graduation at the renowned Roehampton University inLondon. From then on, the section expanded from individual play therapy sessions, to therapeutic groups, to play sessions for chronically ill children with Ms. Leong Min See as the full-time coordinator. Our links with other mental health organisations and personnel widened, and as more volunteers were trained, the quantity and quality of work grew. We conducted many workshopseach year through which awareness of the importance of therapy and the skills required spread. We were fortunate to have the contributions of Mr. Alex Chew every year as trainer, as well as supervisor and as adviser and friend.


As play therapy grew, the possibility that it would become an organization in its own right - working in the mental health framework rather than the special needs framework - became more and more attractive to the play therapy section. This idea was first raised at BOLD's 10th year review in 2008 by members of the play therapy section.


A clearer step was made in this direction the following year (2009) when Alex and Min See made a formal proposal to the BOLD EXCO to establish a Creative Arts Therapy Centre - as a natural extension of Play Therapy taking on board a wider range of techniques. The BOLD EXCO gave this idea its whole hearted support. Everyone thought this would enable the Play therapy's growth and natural extension to work more widely with mental health issues. BOLD would support this independent organization as a "sapling" to give Creative Arts Therapy the foundation to grow on its own.  Before Min See left on the mundus scholarship in September 2009, a workshop to launch the idea was organized.


Meanwhile, BOLD had already helped take Play Therapy in the Creative Arts Direction with some special programs in 2009 - such as Dream a Dream. and, throughout the year when Min See was away, the Play Therapy team, in particular Priscilla Ho, not only kept the program running but continued to grow the Creative Counselling Skills ideas throughtraining workshops - expanding the pool of volunteers and interest in this area.  Throughout 2009 and 2010, BOLD continued to be financially and organizationally responsible for the growth of the Play Therapy section.


Meanwhile, BOLD itself began to consolidate more clearly its attention on Special Needs - through a strengthening partnership with ACS - and jointly working to grow early intervention, inclusion, respite and other programs focused on BOLD's central target group - Children with Special Needs.


Toward the end of 2010, the BOLDEXCO felt that it would be good to set a time line for the gestation period for Creative Arts Therapy to register as a separate organization.  One calendar year that is 2011- was set as the transition period - for CreativeArts Therapy to be registered with the Registrar of Societies and begin to work on its own.  With this stimulus, The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy was registered in April 2011.


The Year 2011 will be the transition year with the initial support of BOLD towards the establishment of the Centre of Creative Therapy eventual independence.


With Best Wishes


Dr Tan Liok Ee

President of BOLD