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"Developing your creative potentials for learning, growing and healing" ..... The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy strives to be a centre of excellence, making creative arts therapy widely available, accessible and affordable for all!....








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What is Creative Arts Therapy?

To develop a Centre of excellence in Penang for Creative Arts Therapy in helping children, young people, adults and the elderly to learn, grow and be healed.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Using Creative Arts Therapy to promote psychological & emotional resiliency; offer skilled therapeutic interventions; provide training and professional development; as well as to initiate and conduct relevant research in Creative Arts Therapy.

Vision: To nurture the growth of A Creative Arts Therapy Centre of excellence in Penang to meet the meet the developmental, emotional, psychological and social needs of children, adolescents, carers and families.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

The intended aims and objectives of the centre can be broadly assumed under its four main areas of activity of the centre namely





What is Creative Arts Therapy?

The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy logo and its symbolic meaning

The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy symbol is a dynamic spiral originating from the 'centre'. The 'white' stillness in the centre of the spiral represents the 'creative' origin where our latent 'energy' is constellated, given expression and how it can manifests itself through the various arts form. The values and attributes of CAT is represented by the various colours.

The red represent the passion and dynamic energies inherent in all of us, and which continuously seeks out various creative and aesthetic expressions in the validation its ‘life’ force.  

The yellow represent the optimistic and positive psychological orientation of Creative Arts Therapy, which employs the human potentials in seeking to nurture and realize its own capacity for optimal growth.  

The blue represent the other harmonizing energy necessary for the cultivation of the creative and healing process in the arts. It represents the presence of a secure, reflective, calm therapeutic space aiding both intuition and contemplation.  

The green represent the qualities of what is natural and ecological. It also represents renewal, balance and integration, combining both primary colours of yellow and blue. This is an embodiment of the Creative Arts Therapeutic goals.  

The dynamic clockwise spiral is also a symbol, alluding to the evolving life affirming expression, development and integration of the 'Self', which is one of the principal aims for the establishment of The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy.  

The five colours also represent the cardinals points of North South East West and the Centre as well as the five elements which reflects its wholistic, interdependent and integrative philosophical outlook of creative arts therapy.

For a brief synopsis to the background leading to the birth of The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy in Penang, the following is an abridged and edited summary as presented by the President of BOLD, Dr Tan Liok Ee on the 11th June 2011 to the Executive Committee of CCAT.

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What is Creative Arts Therapy?

The Centre for Creative Art Therapy by 2011, its Play Therapy services have grown to encompass:-

1. One-on-one Play Therapy Program

A team of 5 practitioners, working on a weekly basis with children and young people aged 3-18 years old with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties arising from various issues such as bereavement, family breakdown, trauma from disasters natural disasters, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, chronic illness, bullying, peer pressure, etc. The Play Therapy Program increases the children self-esteem, strengthen their resilience and enhances their abilities to cope with crises in life.

2. Parents Consultation Program

Regular counselling and/or consultation sessions are conducted with parents to support them in coping with their children issues. The insights gained from these sessions enable the parents to meet the emotional, social and educational needs of their children.

3. Therapeutic Play Program at Penang General Hospital

A team of 5 practitioners, working in rotation, made weekly visits to conduct Therapeutic Play Sessions with chronically ill children in the Pediatric Nephrology and Oncology Ward of the Penang General Hospital. The Therapeutic Play Program enable chronically ill children to relax, have fun and release their sadness, anger and frustration of having to cope with their chronic illness.

4. Creative Group Work Program

Creative Group Work program with children and young people of diverse abilities and needs (including children of Autistic, ADHD and emotional and behavioural difficulties) has been conducted by a team of 7 practitioners. The program aims to facilitate the development of participants’ self confidence, social skills and communication skills through collaborative creative/expressive mediums in group work. The Creative Group Work program has been extended to Penang General Hospital, Ramakrishna Children Home, St. Joseph Children Home, Shan Children Home, Children Protection Society, Father Julian Agape Centre.

5. Consultation Program for staff at Children Homes

A team of 3 practitioners provide Consultation Sessions for staff at the Children Homes. These sessions enable the staff to get a better understanding of the challenging mood and behaviour presented by children at the home. The understanding enable the staff to meet the emotional, social and educational needs of the children living in the home.

6. Consultation Program for school teachers

Consultation Sessions for school teachers have been conducted to enable teachers to gain a better understanding of children and young people of diverse abilities and needs in schools. The understanding enable the teachers to modify their teaching strategies to meet the emotional, social and educational needs of the children and young people of diverse abilities and needs in schools.

7. Advocacy and Awareness Raising Program

A team of 3 practitioners have been invited to conduct talks and workshops at schools, hospitals, Teachers Training Colleges, University Science Malaysia, Children Homes, other NGOs and institutions. We actively involve in Community Awareness Campaigns. We participate in the training series to build a nation-wide Child Trauma Psychological Response Team. We also participate in World Play Day, World Mental Health Day, and Kempen Rakyat Pulau Pinang: Stop Sexual Crimes against Children.

8. Training and Upgrading of Human Resources

In our effects to offer professional therapy services to individual, family and community in need, we emphasize continuing personal and professional development (CPPD) among our practitioners. Our practitioners constantly upgrade ourselves by participating in regular supervision with Alex Chew, a very experienced consultant drama therapist, counsellor, supervisor and trainer from UK since 2003. We also enrol in various training courses.

Reviewing our program and activities over the years, we take pride in our hard work and commitment to grow. We aim to strengthen and expand our therapy program so that we can develop into a centre of excellent in our continuing efforts to offer professional therapy services to individual, family and community in needs.

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