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"Developing your creative potentials for learning, growing and healing" ..... The Centre for Creative Arts Therapy strives to be a centre of excellence, making creative arts therapy widely available, accessible and affordable for all!....








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CCAT Social Gathering - Nurturing the spirits ... and body ... fishing for the light

A collage of digital visual and text images to usher in 2012 with positive affirmations and best wishes for CCAT in the new year!







Looks like Santa Claus have arrived early! A sincere and heartfelt thanks to the generosity of Datin Teo and the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society of Penang, The children to our Creative Arts Therapy Centre will find the donated toys a great catalyst in inspiring their creative imagination and in lifting their spirits as they learn, grow and is healed, venturing through the magic of the play space.

" A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"

A collection of Word Cloud Art images generated from words contain in the pages of the CCAT website. It conveys in graphic form what the essential key words that repeats itself from the sum  total of the words used in the pages of this website. Click on the image to view,

Moving Day 11.11.11